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Welcome to The Establishment 
Hairdressing. We are a creative 
team that really listen. It’s our 
mission that you not only look 
great when you leave us but for
the weeks that lead up to your 
next visit. We live for hair and 
teaching you to love yours.









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Our Services

Discover our range of amazing services provided by our Creative Director, Master Stylist, Stylists and New Talent at The Establishment Hairdressing.

Women's Cut & Finish

£ 42-69
  • Creative Director - From £69
  • Master Stylist - From £62
  • New Talent - From £42

Men's Cut & Finish

£ 28 - 41
  • Creative Director - From £41
  • Master Stylist - From £36
  • New Talent - From £28

Full Head Colour

£ 54-63
  • Creative Technician - From £63 
  • Technician - From £59
  • New Talent- From £54

High/Low Lighting

£ 75 - 124
  • Creative Technician - From £90
  • Technician - From £85
  • New Talent -  From £75

Meet The Team

We are a team of talented creative specialists with a passion for hairdressing. Let us help you find the perfect style to match your look.

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Our Portfolio

Get to know our salon and browse through the latest examples of our haircuts, trends and styles.

Interested In Joining Us?

We are currently looking for talented people to join our team. Feel free to check our recruitment page for a list of current vacancies.